MG Marketing Wins The Dallas Mavericks Website Project!

I’m reflective today because it’s one of those top-of-the-mountain moments in our relatively short history here at MG. We just inked the contract to re-design an all new website for the Dallas Mavericks! Yes, that’s right. We’re designing a website for one of the NBA’s top franchises. That alone would be prestigious enough – to have an NBA team on the client roster is something that every marketing agency would love to have. And out of all the options and resources at the Mavs’ disposal, they chose us!

I have wondered more than once if it was a dream – and I keep waking up to an NBA website project reality. But this is not just any team, of course. This is a seminal moment personally because it’s a team I grew up watching as a native of Dallas, and Dirk has been my favorite player since the day he showed up in Dallas back in 1998.

When I started MG Marketing eight years ago, I had big dreams to work on my own, build a business and create great marketing for clients. We’ve had some big wins, and our share of inevitable challenges along the way. It’s been a roller coaster – burning the midnight oil, rush projects, saying “yes” when we had no idea how to do “yes”. And yet, each time, we’ve come out the other end, stronger, better and with more satisfied clients along the way. All the prior projects, all the experience, all the wins and losses, have prepared us for this moment. We’re ready and eager for the challenge. It’s a championship moment and I know we’ll deliver.

So, this win is for all the small businesses out there – whether you build things for a living, compete against the big-boxes or run a competitive marketing shop. Keep working the grind. Never stop pouring your passion into everything you do. Expect the best from people. Don’t be discouraged when they let you down. And most importantly, have fun along the way. We’re going to deliver a bad-ass website for the Mavs and show the “big agencies” how it’s done! Looking forward to having the Mavs added to our gallery soon…. – Matt

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