Dallas Mavericks Website

As a premier NBA franchise, the Dallas Mavericks realized their website was was outdated, and in need of a completely new website design in order to stay current within the marketing landscape. In addition, the marketing team also determined that their focus was off-target and in need of a strategic repositioning. For the past two years, the organization had been focused on community outreach, social programs and corporate sponsorships. While these programs are important, and would remain as a strategic part of the Mavs overall marketing plan, it was time to re-focus back on the core product, basketball!


The Mavs marketing team turned to MG Marketing to lead a strategic and comprehensive re-design of their website from the ground up. What a dream opportunity! We use rapid concepting along with a deep dive into their Google Analytics to streamline the user experience on the website and focus back on basketball. The results speak for themselves. Scroll to see our favorite designs from the project, or visit our gallery here.

Client: Dallas Mavericks
Marketing Strategy, Web Design, Custom Code, WordPress, ParDot Integration