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When the Dallas Mavericks came to us with a request for an all-new website design and experience, we knew the bar was high – there are only 32 NBA franchises and it’s a marketer’s dream to work with any of them. Our team was up for the challenge from day one and dove into analytics, functionality, and a vision for what a new website would look like for the Mavs.

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  • All-new website design and development
  • Multiple complex tech integrations
  • Super tight timeline
  • Custom design and code

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All data measured year-over-year for the same 120 days post-launch, for a controlled and accurate comparison of the metrics.

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Client Requirements

The Mavs marketing team outlined an extensive list of requirements for design, functionality, and speed. Based on the timing of the new season schedule drop, we were given 12 weeks to concept, design, and develop a fully integrated new website. This timeline would leave many quaking in their marketing boots – not MG Marketing.


  • All-new design
  • Better mobile experience
  • Tech integration with the NBA
  • Ecommerce management for dallasmavs.shop
  • Scores and news post automation
  • Salesforce integration
  • Seamless frontend management system
  • GTM placement for managing media/analytics

The Solution – It Starts With Listening

As tempting as it might have been to just jump in and start to concept new creative ideas for mavs.com, instead we started by listening. We listened to our client and their challenges, their problems with the current site, the goals for a new site, including all stakeholders involved.

This might seem obvious, but too often it happens that in the excitement of creating something new, people forget to listen first, and understand the full scope of the project.

The Process – Metrics Driven, Creative Disruption

With a sound understanding of the goals for the new Mavs website and access to data, then we took a deep dive into Google Analytics to identify objective areas of improvement. Our team wire-framed several nav and site structure options that would simplify the fan experience and focus their interaction in key areas: ticket sales, social engagement, and exploring the young new team.

  • 72 Days
  • 8 Hours
  • 8 Minutes
  • 30 Seconds

The Outcome – All-New Design & Improved Metrics

With a clear understanding of the goals and design direction, our team was on a fast-break to success! Oh wait, there was one more important factor. The Mavs needed the new site live in exactly 90 days to time up with the next season’s schedule release. This is one of our major differentiators as a marketing services provider. Speed is in our DNA, and so without flinching, we said no problem!

The all-new mavs.com launched on time, with an all-new design and data integration with the NBA.

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