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what is netsuite?

What is an integration with
NetSuite and why do I need it?

In simple terms, an integration connects your NetSuite account with your website, CRM and any other digital platform so that all systems are speaking to each other. This is important because it automates routine tasks like lead management, and gives managers better insight into their business operations.

Full Visibility.

We connect client websites and CRM’s to NetSuite, giving our clients full visibility into their business, better customer lifecycle planning, and true measurement of return on marketing investment (ROMI). If you use NetSuite to run your business, you need it to be connected to all of your digital platforms in order to fully realize all of the benefits NetSuite offers. Our team takes these types of complex technical projects and makes them simple for our clients.

Three Reasons to
Choose MG Marketing:

More cost effective than NetSuite
or one of their licensed resellers.

Faster – tired of hearing about 4-6 week lead times?
Let’s get it done in two weeks tops!

Stronger. Our integrations are customized
and look good on your website.

Why MG Marketing for Your
NetSuite Integration Project:

  • Full service integrations with NetSuite, across any digital platform
  • A fraction of the cost of NetSuite’s technical team for integrations
  • Faster than NetSuite’s technical team
  • Custom connections and setups
  • We create integrations from a marketing and brand-oriented perspective
  • Gain insights across your business, for smarter business decisions

If you’re tired of hearing “no” from NetSuite, long delays, or no call-backs regarding your project, it’s time to turn to MG Marketing.

We’re different than your typical NetSuite partner or reseller, because we do not sell you any software. Our team is focused on making the software you already purchased, work for you! We approach every NetSuite project from a marketing perspective. It’s not good enough if an integration between NetSuite and your website simply works – it needs to be consistent with your brand and work for your entire sales & marketing team.

Platforms we connect to NetSuite:
Custom websites

Speak with a NetSuite consulting expert and start your integration project today