We help investment banks & PE firms unlock additional value by improving the brand experience.

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We understand valuations and multiples. What if there was an easy way to unlock more value, at a faster pace? When a private equity or strategic buyer evaluates your business, one of the first things they will look at is the website. When that happens, will your brand add value? Or, are you leaving room for questions and a “value play”. MG Marketing has a proven track record of increasing multiples and unlocking maximum value for our clients leading up to a transaction.

Whether you are a business owner or represent a portfolio of brands, our team can help you evaluate, improve, and increase your valuation on the next transaction.

A Proven Track Record

  • Entry to exit marketing partner – from “the garage” to final exit.
  • Three transactions, two PE partners, massive growth.
multiple on final exit valuation
  • Marketing partner for a website refresh leading up to a transaction.
  • Strategic exit to Armstrong, the industry leader in their category.
  • Ongoing marketing support for the new ownership group.
Annual sales at time of transaction
  • Complete marketing and website re-design.
  • Brought an established, but “old-school” brand up to date.
  • Successful PE exit.
  • Ongoing strategic marketing support for the new ownership group.
Double-digit sales growth during the pandemic
  • Led a strategic rebrand and new website initiative that launched in January 2020, just before COVID. This, along with a few pivots, positioned them for explosive growth during the pandemic.
  • 2nd fastest growing manufacturer in Texas in 2020 according to Fortune Magazine.
Fastest Growing Manufacturer in Texas
  • Branding and marketing development for an all-new business.
  • Catapulted this start-up to a fast strategic partner acquisition.
From launch to strategic exit

Our Marketing Services

  • Strategic rebranding expertise
  • Website design & development
  • Video messaging for maximum brand impact
  • Marketing assessment & analysis
  • Digital & social marketing
  • MarCom software implementation

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